Mar 07

Buying Used Versus Buying New Vehicles

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you have a lot of things to consider. The best way to determine the type of vehicle for you is not by thinking about which type of car is the best looking or most popular, but by thinking carefully about your lifestyle and which type of car best suits your lifestyle. The following article outlines some reasons why buying a used vehicle is better than buying new. Even if the used car needs some superficial work such as work done by Fork Auto Body, it is still usually a good investment.

Buying Used Versus Buying New Vehicles

Many people feel strongly about buying new over used vehicles, but the following list will help you to understand why there are few advantages to buying a brand-new vehicle besides the new car smell. Continue reading to understand why buying a used vehicle is always the most responsible and satisfying choice.

  • A new car depreciates in value the minute you drive it off the lot: From the moment you purchase your new car and drive it off the lot, it loses about 20% of its value. During the first two or three years that you own your vehicle, it will lose 40% of its value. How is this a sound investment? Nothing else that you purchase and invest your money in will lose value at such a rapid rate. Buying a quality used vehicle that is about three years old will cost much less than its newer counterpart, and is just as attractive and reliable to drive.
  • Buying used allows you to pay cash: Experts in the field of finance all agree that using cash instead of credit is always a better way to manage your money. Living within your means also includes eliminating debt whenever possible, and very few people can afford to purchase a brand-new car with cash. The same is not true of used vehicles, however. Even a used car that holds its value well will cost 20% less than a brand-new model at a minimum. You can save up the money for a new car over a six-month period, and then pay cash for it, effectively eliminating the need to take out a loan.
  • A new car warranty is not worth the price paid: While a new car does come with a six-month to one-year warranty on parts and services, this “perk” does not make the purchase worthwhile. Since most new cars have very few problems in the first few years, you will most likely not need the warranty for major repairs. While you may use the warranty on minor and superficial repairs, the overpriced cost of the car does not offset the small amount you save in minor repairs.
  • Used vehicles are just as reliable as new vehicles: While it is always important to research used vehicles carefully to find out how well they hold their value or how reliable they are, a quality used vehicle is just as reliable as a new one. This is true of used vehicles that are only a few years old. Used cars with 100,000 miles or more are an obvious risk. Make sure that you take these cars to a mechanic that you trust to make sure the vehicle is a sound investment. If there is bodywork that needs to be done on the vehicle, take it to a place like Fork Auto Body to get a quote on repair work.
Mar 07

Four Fixes You Can’t Ignore

Staying safe while driving means keeping your vehicle in perfect condition, paying attention to your surroundings, and driving carefully. While it’s up to you to make sure you are paying attention and driving carefully, you are going to need some outside help to keep your car running properly (unless you are a mechanic and have a full set of tools at your disposal). It’s important to keep up on all maintenance and repairs, but some things are more important than others. Here are the four most important fixes you can make.

Most Important Fixes

1. Your windows are responsible for letting you see the world around you. Without windows, you couldn’t make it more than a few feet without hitting something (or someone). If you know that you can’t navigate your driveway with your eyes closed, why do you try and drive with chipped or cracked windows? Sure, you can still see out of your windows even if they are damaged. But what you might not realize is that even a tiny crack can lead to serious (and sometimes deadly) problems. It only takes one tiny distraction from the sun hitting a chip in your window for you to miss a child or animal running out into the street, or a car slamming on its brakes ahead of you. Need to get your windows fixed or replaced? Contact a company like 2 Hour Auto Glass. They can even help you tint your windows if you want an attractive way to reduce glare an improve visibility.

2. What’s the most important part of your vehicle? If you said the engine, driver, tires, or something similar, you’d be wrong. No, the most important part of your vehicle is its braking system. What’s worse, not being able to get your car moving (okay, so just walk there), or not being able to get your car to stop (watch out small children and puppies)? The answer should be obvious. Pay close attention to the way your brakes are behaving. If they grind, squeak, or pulse, you need to get them serviced. Also, if they become too stiff or too soft when you apply pressure, it’s time to get them looked at.

3. Your tires are the second most important things on your vehicle. Without your tires, you aren’t going anywhere. Your tires are not things you can neglect. They need to be kept properly inflated and they need to be rotated often. Doing those two things will help them last longer and perform better. Since they are the only part of your vehicle that actually connects with the road, you need to treat them well. Properly maintained tires can mean the difference between sliding off the road in a sudden rainstorm and safely making it home.

4. Clean your car. Okay, so this isn’t a fix necessarily, but it will have the same results. Depending on where you live, your car can be subject to everything from brutal heat and blowing sand to freezing temperatures and road salt. All of those things will damage your car over time. Belts will deteriorate, electronics will fail, and parts will wear out. By cleaning your car (inside and out) regularly, you can prevent a huge amount of wear and tear.

There are some things you must do if you want to stay safe while driving your vehicle. Checking your brakes, windows, and tires will keep you safe. And washing your car regularly will help you prevent problems. If you need help with any of the jobs listed above, contact a company like 2 Hour Auto Glass today.

Dec 20

Auto Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money

Are you looking for some simple tips to help you cut down on how much you spend on maintaining your vehicle? If you want to hear that you don’t need to be all that diligent, you’re going to be disappointed. The only way to keep your vehicle on the road is to make sure you take care of it properly. In fact, regular maintenance will cost less than ignoring a problem until it’s serious. Want to know a few of the best ways to cut down on your bills? Here are a few suggestions anyone can use.

Auto Maintenance Tips

1. When you need to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance, make sure you take it to a mechanic that specializes in your specific type of vehicle. For example, a place like G & G Autohaus will be your best bet if you drive a Mercedes. Why should you visit a specialized mechanic? Every mechanic is going to be trained to take care of any automotive problem they encounter. No matter where you take your vehicle (with a few exceptions), you can get any problem fixed. However, specialized shops know the difference between serious problems and model-specific issues.

Some vehicles have recurring issues or defects inherent to their design. If you take your vehicle to a generic mechanic, he or she might look at the problem and diagnose it as something serious, something that will cost you $2,000 or more to fix. But if you take that same vehicle to a shop that specializes in exactly what you drive, they might be able to recognize the problem as a tiny flaw, a flaw that can be fixed for under $100. Even if their rates are higher than traditional mechanics (which isn’t very often), you will save money if you visit a specialist.

2. Don’t buy name-brand parts for your vehicle. In most cases, buying an off-brand part is going to save you money without impacting your vehicle’s performance or longevity. Dealerships want you to buy suggested parts so that they make money every time you need a new part. But, unless it interferes with your warranty, don’t bother shopping at the dealership. You can use off-brand parts to fix almost any problem, and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

3. If you can get away with it, buy used parts. While you wouldn’t want to buy a used tire or old oil, some used parts can work just as well as anything new. If you need a new engine, for example, you can find a refurbished model that will last just as long as a new one but cost half as much as an original.

4. The last thing you want to do to save money is learn to do some basic maintenance on your own. You should know how to change your own oil. You should know how to fix a flat tire (calling a tow truck for help can cost over $200). And you should know how to replace your air and oil filters. And for those problems you can’t fix on your own, visit a place like G & G Autohaus.

Nov 27

Getting Started with Lawn Maintenance

The transition from living in an apartment complex to your very own home can be extremely complicated. Suddenly, instead of being responsible for a small space with one bedroom, you’re in charge of the care and maintenance of a whole lot. When there’s a leak in the bathroom sink or a crack in the foundation, you cannot avail yourself of a landlord’s help. You have to handle the problem on your own, whether that means doing some home repairs or paying a handyman to do them for you. You’re suddenly subject to property taxes and utility bills. And, you have a lawn which needs regular care and maintenance as well. When a new property owner feels saddled with all kinds of new obligations, the front and back lawns can sometimes take a back seat to more pressing concerns. While this is understandable, it’s important to remember that your lawn needs maintenance just like every other part of your house. Leave it neglected for too long and your overgrown grass will cast an uninviting, trashy pallor over the whole of your property. The only issue that should keep you from keeping your yard nice should be a lack of proper equipment–a problem which can be fixed by finding a business that sells outdoor power equipment in Amherst, MA.


What You’ll Need


Every lawn is different, and every home landscaper has a different idea about how the exterior of his or her property should look. Your particular arsenal of lawn equipment and landscaping tools will ultimately depend on a few factors, such as the climate of your area, the type of foliage that your lawn features, and your own personal tastes, of course. Still, there are a few items that just about every homeowner will need. For starters, you’ll need some kind of lawnmower–a riding lawnmower for extensive acreage or a smaller model if you have the standard-sized suburban yard. If you’re taking the time to mow your lawn, you might as well do something about the weeds in your flowerbed or around your trees. For that, you’ll need a quality weed whacker. You’ll also want to acquire some kind of edge trimmer when you discover that no matter how lush and even your grass may be, it still looks unkempt when it hangs over onto the sidewalk or the driveway. There is also a host of tools that you’ll need for more specific jobs. Hedges require hedge trimmers. Trees on your property will require trimmers or even the occasional chainsaw in order to keep the branches healthy and strong. Leaf blowers will come in handy during autumn, as will snow blowers during the winter. Once you build up your store of tools, you’ll grow confident that there is no landscaping job that you cannot handle.




Anything that is powered by a motor will require regular tune-ups and even the occasional repair. Your lawnmower is no exception. The demise of many a good-looking lawn has come at the hands of broken lawnmowers. Once a mower is out of commission, many people just store it in the garage and forget about lawn maintenance altogether. However, you don’t have to be one of those individuals. The same companies that sell outdoor power equipment in Amherst, MA, often offer repair services to their customers. With the help of these professionals, nothing will stand between you and a perfectly-groomed yard. 

Nov 11

Fight Oil and Gas Companies with Fuel Efficiency

Not everyone wants a giant truck to drive around town in. In fact, the smartest people want a vehicle that will give them the best gas mileage possible and until they start making electric trucks for individuals, anything bigger than a compact car will probably get too few miles to the gallon to matter. Gas prices will only continue to go up, but you probably do not want to sacrifice performance for fuel efficiency. Checking out what the Mazda 3 in Overland Park has to offer may help you find a vehicle that can meet your needs for fuel efficiency, performance, and cost.

Crazy Oil Companies

If someone were to tell you that they were going to take a drill and search for oil near a fault line, you might not think that is very weird. However, if that same person said that the drill was no ordinary drill, but it was a piece of equipment that makes a million microfractures that will make it easier to get at the oil, you might become a little more concerned. Microfractures near a fault line do not sound like a great idea.

Now if they told you that they were not actually going to get oil out of the well, but they were going to get sand infused with oil and that the sand would have to be treated with heat and solvent, you might think they were a little off their rocker. Add to that the fact that they have to build a road and truck all of the material out because it is too viscous and corrosive to send through a pipeline, and the trucks would be hauling heated containers. You might think that the industry really is scraping the bottom of the oil barrel, and that energy is going to get really expensive, really quickly.

Three Is the Magic Number

While the oil and gas industry is destroying the environment to get at the gas that is trapped in shale and sand and spending one gallon of fuel to get 1.5 gallons, you could be driving a fuel-efficient vehicle that still delivers on the roads. The Mazda 3 in Overland Park satisfies those two things and goes for the trifecta with a reasonable price for the vehicle and its maintenance and repairs. As De La Soul will tell you, three is the magic number. Let it work its magic for you and your lifestyle.

Oct 23

Buying Used versus New Vehicles

Once you have decided that you are in need of a new vehicle, you now have many choices to make. What kind of car are you looking for? Is there a particular make or model that you prefer or that suits your needs best? Perhaps the most basic of decisions you must make is whether or not you want to buy a brand new car off the lot or a used vehicle. There are pros and cons to each type of car, and the following article outlines a few of the benefits as well as drawbacks to owning a used or new vehicle. For more information regarding new vehicles, click here.

Used versus New Vehicles

Buying a new car can be a tough decision, and there are literally hundreds of options out there. In order to narrow down your search initially, you need to determine whether or not you want a brand new vehicle, or whether you will consider purchasing used. The following list outlines a few of the benefits as well as the drawbacks to owning a used or new vehicle to help you with your search.

  • The best value: Depending upon the make or model that you choose, a new vehicle can lose up to 20% of its value when you drive it off the lot. This is a huge loss in value, and therefore used vehicles are typically a better value. Since a used vehicle has already depreciated in value, you are paying for what you get, and your car will not lose any more value for several years to come.
  • A bigger risk: Used vehicles are obviously a higher risk than buying new. Used vehicles do not come with any kind of warranty, and since they are older they are more likely to have costly problems down the road. When buying used, it is best to do two things: First, do your research as to which makes and models are road tested for durability and reliability. Second, take a vehicle that you are considering purchasing to a mechanic you trust to check for any hidden problems that may make the car more work than it is worth.
  • No guarantees or warranties: When you purchase a brand new vehicle from a dealership, you will typically receive a six to 12 month warranty on parts and services. You can rest assured that if something does go wrong with your vehicle, the dealership has already agreed to take responsibility for it.
  • A larger selection: If there is a particular make or model that you are looking for specifically, your pool of cars is larger if you include used vehicles as well. You will have a wider variety and more options to choose from, which is a good or a bad thing depending upon your personality type.
  • Too many options: There are even more options brought about when you include used vehicles in your search. There are many used car lots and dealerships in your area, not to mention for-sale-by-owner vehicles. Are you willing to spend all of the time to weed through them all, or would you rather one-stop-shop at a large dealership?
  • Road tested and reliable: Oftentimes brand new vehicles have had little real-life experience on the road, and many times these cars turn out to be less convenient or more troublesome than their owners expected. Buying a used model that already has a reputation for reliability and durability is a great comfort to buyers. For more information about vehicles that are road tested and proven time and time again to be durable and reliable, click here for more information.
Oct 17

Services Offered by a Towing Company

If your car suddenly stops running on the side of the road and you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, companies like A-Action Towing will quickly rescue you and your car, so that you will be safe and your car can get repaired.


Suddenly finding yourself stranded on the middle of the highway when the sun has set can be a little frightening and scary, especially if you are alone. If your car won’t start and you do not trust anyone to give you a lift, call your local towing company to quickly help you. Most companies are efficient and speedy when they need to help a stranded driver. The less time you have to sit and wait in your vehicle alone, the better. If you are enrolled as a client with a certain company, you may be charged a very low fee for their towing services, or it could be completely free. It is important that you try and sit patiently in your car while you are waiting. The company may give you an estimated time, so sit still and try to relax. Do not get out of your car if it dies on the highway or a busy freeway. This increases your chance for an accident or to be hit by another car. If it is nighttime, you definitely want to remain in your vehicle.


If someone stops an offers help, tell them that you have a towing service coming to your aid and that you will just wait. Once the tower arrives, you will give them all of the needed information about the situation that happened with your car and all the details about your vehicle. Your car will then be towed to the company lot and a ride will be offered to you. You can feel safe and secure knowing that you are in good hands and that your car will be repaired in no time.


A towing company like A-Action Towing will be on the look out for you and your car while you are stranded on a busy highway or road. You can feel comfortable knowing that you will be in a safe place once they show up and your car will be taken to a destination so it can finally be fixed.

Sep 26

Why You Need New Wheels and Tires

Cars are a pretty vital component of everyday life in this country. For most people, it is important to have a vehicle to get them from one place to another in the course of their very full days. If you are one of those people who depend on your car to handle pretty much everything in life, then you need to take good care of it and show it just how much you appreciate everything it does for you. One way to do that is to make sure that it always has good wheels and tires in San Francisco. This will get you better gas mileage, makes a smoother ride for you and the car, and will add years on to the life of your car. These benefits show that while making this investment will be good for your car, it will also end up being pretty good for you as well.

Increases the Gas Mileage

You cannot go anywhere or talk to anyone without seeing or hearing some kind of outrage about the rising cost of gas. Gas prices are getting out of control, which is bad news for people who rely on their cars to get them around. This is a huge reason to make sure your vehicle is always sporting good wheels and tires in San Francisco. When these are placed on your car, it will make things run a lot more efficiently. This means that you will be able to get farther on less exertion. All the exertion from your car comes from what you put in that gas tank. A more efficient car will use less gas, which means you will not have to fill up as often. Unless you have come to enjoy the experience of crying and sweating while watching the numbers on the pump rise so fast, this is a good way to avoid that experience altogether.

Makes for a Smoother Ride

Bumping and grinding has its place, but that certainly should not be while driving. The more jolts and bumps your car experiences, the harder things will be on the car and anyone inside it. Having new tires is a very simple way to smooth things out. These additions are designed to smooth things out as you ride and will make for a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. While your personal comfort is important and makes this a worthy investment, that is not the only benefit to be derived from smoothing out the ride. The more the things in your engine jostle about, the more potential you have of something breaking off or wearing out. A smoother ride makes for a healthier engine.

Adds Years to the Life of the Car

If you subscribe to the idea that you should ride a car and its parts down until they fall apart, then you are not being a good steward of your property, and you are going to get a lot less value and use out of your vehicle. Getting new wheels and tires in San Francisco on a regular basis is a good way to add years to the life of your car. When you think about the cost of repairs and replacements, it makes good sense that the cost of these new additions will pay for themselves before too long. This is also a good way to keep good value in your vehicle. When you see the value of cars dropping all the time, this makes it very appealing to keep the tires looking good.

Sep 18

Getting a Car for Your Teenage Driver

People need to obtain a new or used car for various reasons. If you are the parent of a boy or girl who is approaching the ripe old age of 16, then you may be in the market to get him or her a car. Some kids like to drive to school everyday and let their friends see them driving a car. High school always seems to be some kind of popularity contest, and the ability to drive seems to add to a person’s popularity. If you are looking for a place to purchase a car, there are many car dealers that you can visit in person or online like Wide World Autos.

There are some car dealerships that are specifically establish to sell used cars. Most car dealerships are used car dealerships. It can be difficult to enter the market of selling brand new cars, so many people do not enter that business. A used car is anything that has been sold at a new car dealership and is now up for sale again. Cars sold at a used car dealer will typically sell for significantly less than a new car. The new car dealer has some leverage in charging a higher price for a new car since it has literally no wear and tear to justify a lower price. However, some would argue that fairly new cars at a used car dealership have little wear and tear as well, but they still will not sell at new car prices.

Some high school students will demand a new car if they will be seen by their friends. However, most students are excited enough at the prospect of having a car to drive that they may not care if it is used. There are many car dealerships like Wide World Autos who have websites you can visit and view their inventory. From there, you can visit the dealer and make your purchase.

Sep 11

Prepare Your Home for a Storm

Living in certain areas of the United States, specifically along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there are risks of being hit by tropical storms and hurricanes. Even if you do not live right on the coast, tropical storms can still cause damage to your home as they come on shore until they disperse. The key to having the least amount of damage done to your home and landscaping is prevention according to many companies who specialize in clean up and glass repair in Houston. Here are some basic things you can do in order to help prevent a catastrophic amount of damage done.

One of the most common things to see damaged in the wake of a storm is all of the fallen trees. There are things that can be done to help prevent this, but no way to guarantee that large trees in your yard will not fall over. Inspect the trees in your yard and make sure that there are no major cracks in the trunk. This obviously means that the tree is weaker and will not be able to withstand heavy sustained winds. Also inspect the branches and trim away any limbs that are broken or look diseased. Making sure that there are no branches or trees too close to power or utility lines is also a great way to do your part to prevent outages during a storm.

Gutters have a job of taking water off the roof and taking it to another location safely away from the walkways and structures of the home. If they are clogged with leaves or other debris, they cannot do their job properly. Make sure that they are cleaned out so when the heavy rains come, it won’t all stay in the gutter and cause damage.

Make sure you do not underestimate the power of sealant. Make sure that all windows, door frames, chimneys, and roofs have enough sealant to prevent leakage during a storm. Along with leakage, board up windows and other glass on your home. Companies specializing in glass repair in Houston say that there are less windows broken during tropical storms when boarding is done beforehand. Glass breaking allows wind and water into the home causing a lot of damage. Just like with all the other tips above, things break down and decay, so inspect your home for any work that needs to be done before a storm even hits.